Toms BIO

Here is MY Bio that I am very proud of:

Raised by a single mother in Minnesota, Tom got his first start in business at the age of 8 as a newspaper delivery boy for the MPLS Star and Tribune and worked as a young neighborhood handyman. As each season changed he would go door to door after school providing needed yard work and doing chores for all the seniors that lived on the block. He bought his first Red Schwinn 10 speed Bike with the money he earned from delivering papers.

Tom went away to college in Philadelphia to study journalism at Temple University where he received the freshman journalist of the year award, given to one outstanding student each year by the Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper.

After the stock market crash of the late 1980’s, when he left school to pursue his career, work in journalism was hard to find for new college graduates.

So he fell back on what he knew best and went back to working with his hands by forming a new business called TEK Outdoor Services. From the humble beginnings of just a rusty old pickup truck, a shovel and a hammer he built up a residential and commercial business that eventually serviced over 2,800 customers. Tom passed the state licensing required to become a Class A General Building Contractor and used his creative construction talents to go on to build some of the most beautiful outdoor living spaces in the state.

When the internet burst on the scene in the 1990’s and started to change business forever, Tom traded in his tool belt for a laptop and started one of the first online newsletters for small business owners.

He used the experience of starting his own business, struggling to obtain the needed funding and eventually hitting the million dollar mark to teach other small business owners how to quickly get business funding, how to structure their business properly and how to make extra income online.

Over the past decade Tom has built and sold dozens of successful businesses in a variety of industries. He has personally coached hundreds of other business owners. He has taught thousands of people on live business webinars. He has developed countless business courses and instruction manuals, like Shortcut To Money Secrets, The Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide and The Triple Crown of Funding. And he has pioneered the use of online income applications that help business owners increase revenue using the internet.

As the co-founder of groups like the small business funding network, crowd funding dream team and the coalition to educate kids on business, he has for well over a decade to teach people how to start businesses, how to fund businesses and how to run businesses successfully.

Tom’s now has a young son and daughter in grade school who are his pride and joy. They keep him busy between soccer games and ballet lessons. And he faces the same challenges every other parent has as they seem to grow up so fast and develop minds of their own.

The favorite place in the world for Tom is sitting in a boat on a deep blue Canadian lake, in Northern Ontario, with a fishing pole in his hands and his family by his side.

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What is the Real Difference Between Private Money and Business Funding from a Bank?

Here are some of the key differences between these 2 similar business funding sources.Private Money (Private Capital Funding)

YES – Fast access. Only 1 decision maker instead of a whole board of directors.
YES – Cash based funding.
YES – Real estate funding is available if you stick to the most profitable fix and flip practices.
YES – This will also help you build an overall business credit profile.
YES – You can get more money after a basic payment history is established.
YES – The loan term can be rolled over and extended every 6 months.
YES – Full tax deductions may be taken on all interest payments.
YES – You will be given valuable strategic business advice.
No – You do not need a written business plan.
No – Personal guarantee is needed by the business owner.
No – Funding limits. A single private lender can give each business as much as they want.

Business Credit Funding (done by a Bank)

No – Fast access. Bank funding is slower because of the large board of directors.
No – This will also help you build an overall business credit profile.
No – You can get more after a payment history is established. It is hard to get banks to increase the initial line of business credit they first approve you for.
No – You will be given valuable strategic business advice.
No – Personal guarantee needed by the business owner if you complete the steps required by each bank.
Yes – Funding limits. By law banks must limit how much they lend to any 1 particular business individual. This is why we use more than 1 bank to gain access to a larger pool of money.
YES – Full tax deductions may be taken on all interest payments.
Maybe – You do not need a written business plan. Depends on the bank.

The Crowd Funding Code

Many business owners have started using crowd funding portals as their go to source of money for creating and expanding a business.
But in order to succeed at raising money, you need more than just the listing of recommended crowd funding money sites we provide in our members area.


Here are some of the specific things you can start doing to guarantee you achieve your funding goals in this exciting new crowd funding space.

-Tell your story
-Have a plan for what you are going to do with the money
-Decide how you will reward backers who agree to crowd fund your project

Crowd funding lets you circumvent traditional bank lending and let’s you go straight to the public to fund your business.

Banks are all about the numbers.

People are all about heart, good stories and projects that have benefits that they can feel good about getting behind to support.

So you will need to give some thought to your how to best tell your story and take that message to the existing crowd funding contribution portals which are already set up and listing in our member’s area by type of project.

What are the Tax Advantages of a Home Based Business?

What are the Tax Advantages of a Home Based Business?

Owning and operating a home based business has many advantages and benefits over working at a regular 9-5 job. There is the simple pleasure of just being at home in addition to the large income the self-employed business owners usually brings in.

One consideration that you may not have fully explored is the qualifying deductions you can take on your tax return and the EXTRA money you can put back into your own pocket just because you own your own business.

(note that before you act on any of these ideas you should consult with your own accountant)


Home Office Deductions

Your office at home and related expenses are allowed deductions according to IRS guidelines. To qualify, your home must be the primary place where your business is conducted. Additionally, the office space must be used exclusively for your business. It is best to have a room that is obviously equipped for business use only. Should a question arise, there must not be any doubt that the room is used for other purposes. Needless to say, keep the guest bed in another room. Details of what qualifies as a home office and what can be deducted is explained more fully in various IRS publications found on their website at

This deduction could be worth thousands of dollars based on what comparable rental rates run per square foot in your area.


Home Office Building Expenses

You can deduct home office improvements and repairs also. So, if you were to paint your home office, it is considered an expense associated with conducting business from your home and it is deductible. You can also deduct mortgage interest as a percentage of the full mortgage paid on your home. Lets say if your home office takes up 100 square feet of your 1,000 square foot home, you could deduct up to 10% of the interest on your home mortgage as a business expense. This also applies to those who rent.

Property taxes paid for your home also qualify at the same percentage rate as the mortgage. Home owners can also depreciate a percentage of the home over 39 years. Home expenses that are not related to your business cannot be deducted.



Using the same percentages as above, you can also write off utilities such as electric, gas, water and sewer.


Phones, Fax and Communications

The IRS always considers the first phone line in your home to be personal. Additional lines for business use including a cell phone are tax deductible. Internet service fees are deductible as a percentage depending on its business use. It could be argued that your business needs the internet service delivered to your home and that cost could all be used as a deduction.



A percentage of the secured home area and its security costs are deductible as a business cost.



Any software that you purchase for business use can be deducted. You will probably be required to write off over a period of time programs that are over $500 in value though. Check with IRS guidelines for further information. 3 to 5 year depreciation rates are common.



The premium you pay on your home owner’s insurance is partially deductible. Any insurance that covers your business specifically can be deducted as a cost of doing business. An incurred loss not covered by insurance can be deducted fully or partially depending on its’ use.


Tax Preparation Expenses

You might be able to deduct the cost of having your personal taxes prepared if your business income appears on schedule C of your 1040.

Any software that you purchase to help you prepare your taxes for your business may also be deductible.


Retirement Account

Contributions to a self employed retirement account may also help reduce your tax liability. Inquire with a qualified specialist like a CPA to determine current laws regarding this special benefit.


Educational Expenses

Any monies spent on learning skills that are specific to your home business are usually tax deductible. Claim these under the professional development code.



You can write off transportation expenses related to your business. Traveling to and from a clients place of business, for example, would qualify. The IRS allowed 37.5 cents per mile recently. You must keep detailed records though. A journal kept in your car with odometer readings should suffice.


Meals and Entertainment

If you entertain while conducting business even if it just over a meal it is deductible. While you can only deduct 50% of the cost of meals and entertainment, it is well worth keeping records. Additionally, you can deduct your meals if you are conducting business out of town. Please remember to stay within IRS guidelines to avoid questions later. As a rule of thumb $75 a day is reasonable.



Most home businesses do not take all the deductions that they are legally entitled to mainly because the idea of an audit is so intimidating. But you have a RIGHT to saves money on your taxes by claiming all deductions that are allowed and you can defend as normal business expenses.

Just stay within the IRS guidelines, keep receipts and accurate records. If you have any questions or doubts, talk to an accountant.

Remember, tax deductions are a way to save money so you can grow your business.

That is why the government gives this money back to you – so you can improve the economy by building a business.

Crowd funding methods…

Crowd funding methods have now started attracting hobbyists and wannabes, but they also net REAL CASH for those business owners who use them strategically.

With our savvy methods and well researched resources at your disposal – aspiring entrepreneurs are even raising FIVE and SIX figure dollar amounts of funding that usually NEVER needs to be PAID BACK!

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CROWD FUNDING came along a year ago thanks to the passage of the jobs act and you can get this kind of money, from a huge Pool of public equity, if you use my new tools.

Could you use CASH put into your account as fast as 72 hours after you completed a successful crowd funding campaign?

If your answer is YES…

Then you WANT to learn how to get this funding.

Because the dream of owning your own business, inventing a new product or launching that big idea has always been the one sure way to get rich. The world is filled with success stories of people just like you that struck gold with a good business idea.

But the challenge everyone faces is how to get the capital required to make your dreams come true.

The new solution of where to get money for your business may surprise you.

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If Your Business in Default.

Many people ask me what to do when they have a registered business that is out dated and in default.

Like an LLC or Corporation they have not filed taxes on and have not paid annual state renewal fees on.

Well, my usual answer is THROW IT AWAY.

Forget about it.

If it has no assets then it is probably worthless.

You have basically lost your positive business rating and will no longer be able to use the age of the business to any advantage, so in most cases, just start a new business by registering another company name.

This will give you a fresh start and let you continue to pursue new funding resources for your new company.

$5K-$10K profit with NO competition

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Why do we manually approve ALL affiliates of our company?

When the common question comes up – Tom, do you have an affiliate program for your company that people can make money from just by referring other people to you?

My answer is YES…

…But, you have to be manually approved for this and you must be using our programs.


(What is an Affiliate Program)

Affiliate programs have been around for a long time and they are a simple way for you to be paid by a company for sending business to it.


When you tell your friends, or tell someone online, about our business program, if they BUY it…

You get paid a cash commission by me and my company for the referral or recommendation.


You can’t automatically go sign up to do this.

You MUST be manually approved to become an affiliate of mine and get paid.

We do this for a lot of smart reasons.

Since we pay out pretty nice commissions, there is a lot of demand for our affiliate program.

We need to screen people that want to recommend us to others and make sure they are doing it the right way.

Every business has compliance steps it needs to meet and we want to make sure all guidelines will be followed by anyone that wants to tell other people about our services.

ALSO…just as important

We would NEVER let someone become an affiliate who had not paid for one of our programs.


It costs money to pay my staff to manage our affiliate program, so we can’t have losers in the program that keep wasting time, have not bought anything and never do anything productive.

So we manually weed out people that don’t really have a clue of what it means to be an affiliate.

(then we can spend our time helping people that really need it)

AND…if someone has not used our programs before, it is pretty silly to think they would make a good spokesman for our services.

So if you want to get into our valuable programs call today.

If you want to also be an affiliate of ours and earn BIG cash commissions we can help you with that too!

You can call 877-622-7439 and talk to our helpful staff.

Our programs consist of:

*cheap complete funding systems
*NV corporations
*business plans
*profits partnerships
*lots more

Thanks, Tom.

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Questions and Answers

April 19, 2013 – 1:12 AM Joseph (
Asks – Can I use business to purchase foreclosed home and flip or rent them for profit?

Tom’s Answer – Yes, our recommended funding can be used for anything.

April 16 – 9:42 PM Cliff (
Asks – Do you need a Dunn & Brad Street score first before getting any funding?

Tom’s Answer – No, this derby dozen funding program does not require a D & B score.

April 16 – 9:31 PM Jacquelynn (
Asks – can you get the $200K loan in one cash loan, multiple loans or is it in vendor credit?

Tom’s Answer – These are NOT vendor credit lines, these are all cash based business lines of credit. You will get several lines together before it all totals $200,000.

April 8 – 5:55 PM D.Pennywell(
Asks – How many lenders would I need to submit a application to to aquire 200K in funding.

Tom’s Answer – typically you will work with 4 to 6 lines of credit to get near $200,000.

April 3 – 12:24 PM Leslie (
Asks – Hi Tom, Do you have an affiliate program? We’d like to consider using your platforms for our clients. Leslie Watson, CPA

Tom’s Answer – Yes, we offer an affiliate opportunity to make money referring people to us. So when you order you will automatically get all the affiliate access and we will help you make commission from this.